Photo Recap: Oakland Gets by NKU in Hard-Fought Game

I attended today’s (12/31/16) game at the O’Rena between Northern Kentucky and Oakland. It was an exciting and physical game. Normally, it is just my writing that fills up this website. But today, I took some pictures that I thought everyone would enjoy. So here’s a photo-recap.

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2 Responses to Photo Recap: Oakland Gets by NKU in Hard-Fought Game

  1. Doug (Raider Doug) Miller says:

    I have shots I took Thursday night (opener) from row 2 at the baseline, first ever visit to the Orena, I wish it had turned out better for Wright State. Oakland completely disrupted what they were trying to do on offense. WSU led 18-17, then Oakland ran off 14 straight and Wright State never was in the game after.
    Fortunately Wright State played much better (and shot much better) on Saturday at Callahan Hall vs U of Detroit. Dropped a number of shots in a row a few minutes before the end of the first half, and were in control from that time on. Have the Northeast Ohio teams in this weekend, hopefully we can defend at home. Will know more about the team and league expectations after this weekend and next.

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    • Tim says:

      Hey Doug. Yeah, the O’rena is a pretty good place to see a game. OU does a good job with fan experience and marketing. I am pretty impressed with NKU. Great mix of interior and perimeter scoring. Looks like your Raiders bounced back nicely though, beating the Titans and it looks like they grinded one out over Cleveland State. As I mentioned in the Upper-Hand Rankings, Wright State is the only team in the league averaging over 3,000 per game. That is even more impressive given that they are not a Top 2 team in the league right now. Yeah, things will definitely start to shape up in the next couple of weeks. Happy New Year!


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