2015-16 HLeagueHoops Season Awards

Player of the Year: Kay Felder (Jr.) Oakland.

Defensive Player of the Year: Vashil Fernandez (Sr.) Valparaiso

Freshman of the Year: Dikembe Dixson, Illinois-Chicago

*Most Improved Player: Cameron Morse (So.) Youngstown State

**Transfer of the Year: Jordan Johnson (Jr.) Milwaukee

Shooter of the Year: Chris Jenkins (Jr.) Detroit Mercy

Low-Post Player of the Year: Jalen Billups (Sr.) Northern Kentucky

Coaches of the Year:  Billy Donlon, Wright State. Linc Darner, Green Bay. Bryce Drew, Valparaiso.

*Only players who played in the Horizon League in the previous season are eligible for Most Improved Player.

**Only first-year Horizon League players who transferred from a JUCO or 4 year college or university are eligible for Transfer of the Year and All-Transfer Team.


All H-League Gold Team

Kay Felder (Jr.) Oakland

Alec Peters (Jr.) Valparaiso

Dikembe Dixson (Fr.) Illinois-Chicago

Paris Bass (So.) Detroit Mercy

Matt Tiby (Sr.) Milwaukee


All H-League Silver Team

Jordan Johnson (Jr.) Milwaukee

Cameron Morse (So.) Youngstown State

Carrington Love (Sr.) Green Bay

Jalen Hayes (So.) Oakland

Jordan Fouse (Sr.) Green Bay


All H-League Bronze Team

Jalen Billips (Sr.) Northern Kentucky

Tai Odiase (So.) Illinois-Chicago

Vashil Fernandez (Sr.) Valparaiso

Mark Alstork (So.) Wright State

Akeem Springs (Jr.) Milwaukee


All H-League Defensive Team

Vashil Fernandez (Sr.) Valparaiso

Tai Odiase (So.)  Illinois-Chicago

Jordan Fouse (Sr.) Green Bay

Carrington Love (Sr.) Green Bay

Keith Carter (Sr.) Valparaiso


All H-League Transfer Team

Jordan Johnson (Jr.) Milwaukee

Mark Alstork (So.) Wright State

Percy Gibson (Sr.) Oakland

Shane Hammink (Jr.) Valparaiso

Martez Walker (So.) Oakland

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One Response to 2015-16 HLeagueHoops Season Awards

  1. Kelvin Presley says:

    There is no way Jordan Johnson doesn’t make the All H League Gold Team


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