Current Titan, Future NBA Player


Photo by Carlos Osorio- Associated Press


(Author Note: This article was originally written on 8/5/15)

Being a Detroit Mercy fan, I say this with as little bias as possible: If he continues to work hard and improve his game, Paris Bass will wind up on an NBA roster one day.

Here is my scouting report/analysis:

Bass is a good ball handler who is at his best offensively driving to the basket and finishing around the rim. He is “deceivingly quick,” meaning he does not look that fast. But he is able to get by many defenders with his long strides, especially with that quick first step. He needs to develop a better low post game to take advantage of defensive mismatches. When smaller guards are on him, he doesn’t have much trouble shooting over them. When fours and fives guard him, he can sometimes beat them off of the dribble. But the more physical they are, the harder time Bass has.  This brings up one of Bass’ biggest assets, his size. You can’t teach size. He is a legit 6’7″ with long arms. He certainly will add some size to that lanky frame, but he likely will never be bulky. Bass is a swingman who can also play the point in college. Since he plays on a guard heavy team, he can even move to the four in smaller lineups. He likely translates to a two-guard at the next level, who will only up his stock if he gets more comfortable playing close to the basket.

Bass can be a liability defensively and needs to improve his lateral movement and speed. His post defense is suspect because stronger players can out-muscle him and get the ball with great initial position, leading them to be one good move from a lay-up or dunk. His athleticism helps make him a good shot blocker, especially in transition or when he is the help defender. His long arms also do a good job of interrupting passing lanes, leading to deflections and steals. The biggest knock on Bass is his poor decision-making. He was prone to turnovers and took chances when they were not necessary. He also never met a shot he didn’t like, leading to empty team possessions. He has a knack for grabbing offensive rebounds when he has space or is near the basket, but more physical players often outrebound him. His body language showed him as being easily frustrated, which led to a lack of hustle at times. He will exude more positivity as he gains confidence through more experience and maturity. Bass’ size and game is comparable to Tracy McGrady. Improving his decent jump shot is essential not only to emulate T-Mac more closely, but for him to make it to the next level.

It was impressive that Bass was invited to the Nike Basketball Academy Camp in California this summer. He undoubtedly got on the radar of some pro scouts. Titan fans should enjoy the next two seasons of Bass blooming into an elite college basketball player. Keep in mind that he was a redshirt freshman last season (12.4 ppg, 5.7 rpg). So expect him to declare for the NBA Draft after his redshirt junior year.

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